Treatment for receding gums

Gums that are retracted exposing the roots of teeth surface is a common condition in adults 40 years of age or older.

Why does it happens?

treatment for receding gumsMany consider that this is simply a sign of aging and in some cases is essentially that, the result of wear and tear that comes from years of brushing your teeth aggressively. However, sometimes the receding gums can be a sign of something more.

In many cases, the retraction of the gingiva is caused by a condition periodontal (gum disease). Three of every four adults have some form of this disease and in many cases, it does not cause pain and therefore goes unnoticed.

Common in adults, the gum disease begins when plaque that contains bacteria builds up on the teeth and gums. When the plate is not removed daily, this produces toxins that irritate and inflame the gums. The inflammatory process eventually destroys the tissues of the gums causing that she is separate from the tooth and creating spaces called lumps or pockets. These lumps or pockets accumulate more bacteria, which complicates the problem.

The disease of the gums and its stages

In the early stages, the disease of the gums (gingivitis), marked by red or swollen gums that bleed easily is reversible and can be detected and treated by your dentist or dental hygienist during their periodic evaluations. While progressing disease (periodontitis), this can destroy the bone and soft tissues holding the teeth.

In the advanced stages of periodontitis, teeth can move, fall, or should possibly be removed by a dentist. In fact, the periodontitis is responsible for 70 percent of the loss of teeth in adults 40 years of age or older.

How is it prevented?

The good news is that these conditions on the gums can be prevented through good daily habits of oral hygiene. The receding gums is prevented by brushing the teeth with a soft toothbrush, using mild to moderate pressure and small circular movements or short back and forth movements. Avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes and avoid brushing horizontally with excessive pressure on your toothbrush.

How can you help your dentist?

If you have receding gums, sometimes it is possible to graft tissue to cover the exposed portion of the root surface and strengthen brittle gum tissue to protect it from further shrinkage. In the receding gums, sensitivity resulting from the exposure of the root surface is also common. Your dentist can apply medication in your dental office or recommend products that you use in your home to help reduce the sensitivity of these surfaces and help protect your teeth.
Not to forget

Remember, adults can retain their natural teeth for life if they brush their teeth, use dental floss every day and visit the dentist regularly.

Cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic Dental or cosmetic dentistry is based on giving extra beauty to the teeth. A good cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic Dental plan allows you to correct those minor flaws quickly and without injuries so that you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in a very short time.


Dental aesthetics is a very useful tool to solve problems both inherited as acquired in time. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is possible to replace missing teeth, repair fractured teeth, align and been a smile, remove blemishes and improve the appearance of teeth.


Cosmetic dental treatmentsTo create white smiles, uniforms and aesthetics.
To correct teeth chopped or broken.
To correct misalignment smiles.
For cases of severely discoloured or stained teeth.
To correct alterations in size, very small or very large teeth.
To close unwanted spaces.


Your smile is your most personal attribute and a reflection of your warmth and personality. Therefore, a professional cosmetic dentist in Perth WA will put all their efforts to help you.

The cosmetic dentistry allows us to correct the imperfections of your smile to make you the most and make you feel confident and happy smiling.

Through procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and adhesive resins can achieve spectacular smiles.

Tooth whitening is a procedure that allows you to remove stains from your teeth and achieve a whiter smile. Cosmetic dentist in Perth offer various types of whitening according to the needs and comfort of WA patients.

For minor cosmetic problems adhesive resins are an ideal procedure. To these is possible through cover your teeth with special materials that change the key of the teeth, smooth surfaces, correct imperfections and close spaces.

For patients who have irregular or broken teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice. These super thin cosmetic sheets, made with the highest standards can change your smile in less than a week. This procedure is simple and convenient and much less invasive than techniques of the past.

Cosmetic Dentistry Market in WA

In today’s marketplace, numerous basic dental professionals carry out at the very least some kinds of cosmetic dental treatments. Over the previous couple of years, there has been an impressive increase of “aesthetic dental practitioners” into the field so considerably so that in the sector, being a “cosmetic dentist” is virtually a saying? Considering that these days, any sort of basic dental expert which does points as basic as bleaching teeth could declare to be a cosmetic dentist.

Perth cosmetic dentist include oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, as well as prosthetic oral practitioners. They give lots of sorts of services such as porcelain veneers, renewing aesthetic dental care, bridges, fresh breath therapy, metal-free dental fillings, tooth whitening, crowns, and instant orthodontics.
For finding aesthetic dental practitioners, you could browse straight by name, map, postal code, or specialized. All the important cosmetic dentistry treatments and also dental experts’ newsletters that highlight the professional hygiene as well as services are likewise consisted of in these directories. These additionally include posts and details that assist you to discover a neighborhood professional dental expert that suits your demands.
The education required to become a medical professional of oral surgery (DDS) consists of training on the discipline as well as numerous innovations connected with giving cosmetic dental care support services in a basic way. Considering that of the growing need for aesthetic dental care solutions, educating programs in the 90’s as well as beyond are various from the ones in previous decades.
Just how long has the potential dentist been in technique? How many people has he or she treated with the particular type of therapy that you will need?

Many cosmetic-dentistry procedures are not agonizing, so that you have absolutely nothing to concern in that regard. Some can, nonetheless, be a little awkward. Basically every one of them will certainly involve keeping your mouth vast open for extended durations of time. If it a tooth staining issue you have, the cosmetic dentist might make a decision to utilize an oral bleach on you, and also you could anticipate a little bit of improved tooth sensitivity pursuant to its usage. Where it is a tooth placement issue you are looking to deal with, the cosmetic dentist will probably place you on suitable braces, and it will certainly be up to you to wear them constantly, in order to bring around your much wanted look. The braces can be a little bit uneasy to use for the very first day, yet you quickly get made use of to them. Where it is a missing tooth problem we are looking at, the option might lay in changing it with a synthetic one (most likely preceded by the installment of a dental implant); or the bonding or veneering of the area where the tooth is supposed to be existing.

Prior to you randomly pick a dental practitioner out of the phone publication or count on your long-time household dentist to provide you the smile makeover of your desires, assume again. The truth is, several dental experts are generalists who simply have actually not carried out aesthetic smile remodelings really several times or with a consistency that leads to proficiency of this art. If you are taking into consideration veneers, for example, you should ask precisely just how several veneers the cosmetic dentist has put.
Recommendations from other customers, a visit of the office consisting of sanitation areas, and inquiring about technology as well as products utilized in the method are all points you may desire to check into. You might also intend to contact the state to confirm that the dental expert does not have a history of complaints or unpleasant State Dental Board action.